seo and social media marketing services

Seo and social media marketing servicesTwo key points of Search Engine Optimization meet in Social Media Marketing and Management; the importance of both original content and links. Providing a social media platform can be extremely affects your website. Your valuable links will promote your brand visibility in the search result. Using social media websites for marketing with a good management such as Facebook with 250,000 million users and over 7 million on Twitter can create and promote quality customer interaction and engagement as well as forming an image and brand can be highly beneficial to your company. Being successful in social media and making it a useful resource to aid in your SEO, takes a lot of time and resources.

Social Media
Their social media presence goes hand-in-hand with SEO.
There are a variety of social media factors that impact your client’s organic traffic and ROI.
A few of these include:

  1. amount of social shares
  2. number of tweets to your domain
  3. number of blog comments
  4. amount of people following your brand/social pages
  5. number of verified and active social media accounts
  6. authorities of users tweeting links to page

Essentially, our job is to set up and optimize your client’s social accounts, consistently post popular content, and boost their social presence with Facebook ads.

What this means for SEO and Social Media Marketing Services

Recreating the Banned Hashtag post is the future of SEO and Social Media marketing services. It’s a combination of taking premium content from brands and promoting that content to influencers to share.

In other words, it will matter where information is being shared (for relevancy) who is sharing it (for quality) how often (frequency) and what is being shared (indexing). 

Why would Google incorporate Social into SEO? 

Google was founded on the premise of prioritizing hypertext, or links, in determining how to serve up satisfying search results.

Social shares are similar to links. Google needs to move away from 20+ years of valuing links, and social shares could add a nice complement to an algorithmic evaluation process. 

What supports the incorporation of SEO and Social Media?

Google has a patent that determines influence in a social community. 

Patent 9,632,972 outlines a process for identifying an influential user in a social community.  Then, the patent describes how an influence score would be determined for a particular topic and their reach.

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