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Call tracking marketing - What is Call Tracking? Ever ask a caller, “how’d you find out about our business?” With Call Tracking, you’ll know before you even pick up the phone. Better yet, you’ll have powerful analytics around which ads, campaigns, or search terms inspire your best leads to reach out, so you can invest more into the marketing that moves your business forward.

With Call Tracking marketing, you can track phone inquiries by inserting a tracking number into your website, paid ads and direct mailers, to see which of your marketing efforts are really producing results. You can measure and listen to calls from both online and offline marketing campaigns, and automated reporting goes straight to your inbox.

No contract is required and it’s included at no charge with any marketing campaign. If you want a better grasp on how your marketing campaigns are working, Call Tracking is a great way to better understand the value of your advertising efforts.

How Call Tracking Works

The first step to start tracking phone calls is a developer adding a JavaScript on each page you want tracked on the site. The call tracking solution then dynamically replaces a text-based number on the website with a variable number based on the referral source. Purchasing a unique phone number for each referring medium is required to correctly track referral sources. Referring mediums can be organic Google traffic, Google AdWords traffic or any other part of your campaign like a banner ad placed on a specific industry-relevant site.

With the JavaScript added to the site and your selected referrals, site visitors coming to the site are served different phone numbers. When a site visitor calls the tracked phone number, the call redirects to your main designated line.The caller is not privy to the redirection.

What are the Benefits of Call Tracking Software?

Call tracking software is helpful for sales and marketing teams and your business as a whole in several ways, including:

  1. It helps you capture qualified leads with features like call transcription, recordings, etc.
  2. Provides deep understanding of search keywords capable of driving phone calls and leads
  3. It helps increase ROI with better customer knowledge about their location and why they are interested so you can optimize your campaigns.
  4. Integrates with CRMs to help your sales team get instant data about the caller, call history, and more
  5. Aids in quality assurance and training with capabilities like call recording and speech-to-text
  6. Measures accurate ROI of your paid campaigns and helps optimize ad spends
  7. It helps refine your organic traffic initiatives and SEO
  8. Provides quick feedback on call interactions and sales initiatives
  9. Offers intelligent analytics and reporting
  10. Capable of scaling, especially the cloud-based call tracking software

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